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The Research

The Rescue research is centred around a large randomised control trial that commenced in early 2003 and will run until the end of summer 2004. Multi-centred and international, this unique trial will involve 150 people with Parkinson's disease distributed across the 3 Rescue centres (Northumbria, Leuven and Amsterdam).

The trial will investigate the efficacy of an optimal cueing rehabilitation package on functional gait. The package will be delivered at home, and each person will participate in the trial for a 12 week period, with a follow up assessment at 6 months. The effectiveness of the package will be determined using standardized assessments and data-analysis techniques.

There were 2 initial phases prior to the commencement of the trial. In phase 1, the effectiveness and stability of cueing was investigated, and a prototype device to deliver the cues was developed. In phase 2, this work was brought together into a set of guidelines to be used by physiotherapists.

Following the trial, a phase of Europe wide dissemination will begin, culminating in the Rescue Conference to be held on 18th March 2005 in Amsterdam.


Using cueing to improve mobility in Parkinson’s Disease: A CD-Rom for therapists Click here for more details



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